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Ruby Heart

Historical Christian Fiction

The Legends revolve around those who, for a short time possess
the Ruby, a child’s fist-sized gem whose shape is similar to a human heart – hence the name.
The Ruby Heart itself has no special powers.
This is not sorcery, but somehow it connects with special God-given gifts in certain people.

Ruby Heart

The Legend Begins

is the life story of Basilikos, Basil to his friends, who is the son of one of the Wise Men who followed the Star to worship Jesus at his birth. Even though Balthazar, his father, has forbidden him to go, Basilikos dresses as a stable hand and joins the caravan, determined to see this baby who will "change the world forever."

But Basil’s disobedience has a dire effect on those left at home, and he must live with the results of his actions as well as others to come:
Murder, debauchery, starvation and reprisal; deception, destruction, death and survival.

Years later, a broken, bitter and bruised man, Basil now a rich silk merchant returns to Jerusalem. As he enters the gates, he is engulfed in a crowd yelling:
“Crucify him! Crucify him!”

But. Crucify whom?

It is Jesus – the baby he once held in his arms.

How can this be? He is supposed to live forever!


The Second Lost Legend


1. An event that brings significant changes.
2. A momentous and violent event marked by an overwhelming upheaval and demolition. – Merriam Webster.


A.D. 77 Josias, Grandson of Basil – the protagonist in RUBY HEART -The Legend Begins, is forced to leave home after his older brother, Balthazar attempts to kill him.


Josias meets the famous Historian, Pliney the Elder and follows him to Italy. But in the mountains of Greece he “see” his Grandfather’s murder and Balthazar once more attempts to kill him – from beyond the grave.


In the late Spring of A.D. 79 Josias arrives in Misenum near Naples, Italy just north-west of Mount Vesuvius.

Mount Vesuvius erupts August 24, 79 A.D.

Titles and Stories in the Works:

The Legend Continues:


In the wake of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius Josias meets the Roman Emperor Titus and joins him in the rescue and recovery of the survivors. But a fire breaks out in Rome in one of the poorer districts and Titus must return to Rome. Having noticed that Titus is not in good health, Josias goes with him to attend him and assist in Rome.Titus dies in 81AD and some believe his brother, Domitian had a hand in it. Domitian becomes Emperor, and the REIGN OF TERROR begins.

REIGN OF TERROR is due out in 2020.

"Adventures in the Rwenzori"

(Mountains in Western Africa)

Author: Robin Webb

"Among Shining Warriors"

A joyous adventure story based on Jessie McCallum's memories growing up in Africa
(Ghost-writer Marian Betts)

"Sleeping With Lions"

Based on the life of a lonely little girl raised on the sevannahs of North Africa, her visits to Englend and immigration to the United States - a world away from all she ever knew or understood.

"I Must Sing!"

The Poignant Story of a girl with a beautiful, untrained coloratura soprano voice who is discovered by the Choral Director of the boarding school at which she is staying.

Determined to sing professionally, she battles against censorship by her missionary parents who are determined she will be a nurse and refuse to support her further education. Surviving abject poverty in a strange land, she overcomes her own feelings of insignificance and becomes so much more than an opera singer, touching the lives of thousands of indigenous peoples, adventuring into enemy countries helping in rescues and extractions, formally meeting and accidentally bumping into famous people from all walks of life.

A true unsung hero who went on to the next life with scarcely a ripple to note her passing.

God is Peace. He makes all things work together for good for those who trust Him and do His work.
If we do the following, He will be with us and show us the right things to publish.
Fill your readers minds with things that are true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious – the best; the beautiful; things to praise. Put into words those things which you have received, heard, seen and experienced with and from God.- Philippians 4: 8-9 (paraphrased)
Put God first above all else.
Honor Him and His Name and do not take It in vain.
Express our love for God by sharing God’s Word as He gives us wisdom to do so.
Honor marriage between man and woman. Honor the family make-up.
Publish works of Peace, Wisdom, Understanding and Compassion for all and to all.



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Check for grammar, spelling and punctuation according to American Standards.


Graphics include not only the covers of the book, but also graphics within the book. These may include decorative chapter headings, images and any other designs requested by the author.


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Format manuscript for designated book size.


After all steps have been approved and accepted in writing by auther: Send Manuscript to printer.


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