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Ruby Heart Book Cover


The Legend Begins

by Marian Webb Betts

By the time Ruby was discovered by the first human, she was already millions, perhaps billions of years old.

Cataclysm Book Cover


The Second Legend

by Marian Webb Betts

Cataclysm: A momentous and violent event marked by an overwhelming upheaval and demolition.

Time Has Come Book Cover


The Third Legend

by Marian Webb Betts

It is 2010 AD. Archaeologist Dillwyn Llewellyn discovers an ancient trunk with journalsdescribing the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D.

Spanish Beauty Book Cover



by Elaine C. Wolfe

A portrait of former Miss World is commissioned by her husband for her birthday.
But . . .

The Urge



by Elaine C. Wolfe

Every woman in Spain is frightened.
A serial rapist is at large.
Any one of them could be his next victim.


RUBY HEART - The Legend Begins is the first in a continuing series about a gemstone shaped similar to a human heart, and her encounters with the humans who possess her for a time.
By the time Ruby was discovered by the first human, she was already millions, perhaps billions of years old. Her first experience is short lived, and she lies in the muddy bottom of an Artesian spring for another five hundred years until she is rediscovered by Balthazar and his father, Madjid. Madjid settles his nomadic tribe on the site and builds a fortified city. Balthazar gives the heart to his son, Basilikos, for his tenth birthday. Basil discovers that he can see visions in Ruby, visions of past events and things to come, but he can't always determine which is which. As he turns 18 his father tells him about a star that heralds the birth of a king, a special king who will change the world forever. But Basil is told he must stay home and help protect the city. Determined to go, he hides on the caravan as a servant. He is discovered outside of Jerusalem and is allowed to go with the Wise Men to see the baby.
But Basilikos’ disobedience has a dire effect on those left at home, and he must live with those and others to come. The city is destroyed, and many lives are lost – many of those he loved.
What will he do?
Where will he go?
At a low time in his life, he returns to Jerusalem. He is a rich man, but his spirit is battered and bruised. As he enters the gates, he becomes engulfed in a crown of people yelling “Crucify him! Crucify him!”
Crucify who?
It is Jesus – the baby he once held in his arms and helped escape to Egypt.
Is all lost?
What can he do?
Where can he go?
Will he ever find peace and happiness?

The First Cataclysm: Josias, grandson of Basilikos (the protagonist in RUBY HEART: The Legend Begins), has grown up in the shadow of his older brother, Balthazar who was named after their great-grandfather. Balthazar is mean-spirited and hates his younger brother. His hatred turns vicious when he attempts to kill Josias.
> Basilikos decides Josias must leave home for his own safety. But Josias does not leave empty-handed. He has been gifted with what we now call photographic memory and has become skilled as a Man of Healing. He takes with him his faithful servant, Haziel, his three cousins, Marzban, Arshad and Farbod - and the Ruby Heart. They head west and south, intending to go to Jerusalem.
But in Daphne, north of Lake Huleh, about 50 miles above the Sea of Galilee, they meet Jonathan (with an interesting connection) and his cousin, Eldad who are both very wary of speaking out in public. The next day Jonathan is going home to Gamala, east of the Sea of Galilee. Josias and his men go too, hoping to find out what has gotten Jonathan more than a little skittish.
The Second Cataclysm begins to unfold in Gamala, where a group of Seditionists have hidden among the people. King Aristobulus lays siege to the town demanding that the elders release the leader of the Seditionists. After Josias delivers him up, spectacularly dead, King Aristobulus demands an audience. When he discovers Josias is a Man of Healing, he insists he be taken to tend to his son who was injured in battle. They travel to Dan, north past Daphne.
In Dan, the men discover Jonathan’s mother and sister. The sister is near death from some ailment assumed to be a miscarriage. Josias also attends her, and a budding romance begins.
However, Josias is introduced to Pliny the Elder who hires him as his personal physician and demands he accompany him to his Naval Base on the west coast of Italia. So as soon as his two patients, the son of King Aristobulus and Jonathan’s sister are well enough to be left, Josias, his cousins, Haziel, Jonathan and Eldad leave to follow Pliny to Misenum on the west coast of Italia, just west of Mount Soma-Vesuvius, a volcano that has been dormant so long no one gives it a second thought.
Josias and Jonathan and all their men arrive in Misenum in early summer of the year 79 AD.

The Third Cataclysm: Mount Somma-Vesuvius erupted on August 24, 79 A.D.


2010 AD. Archaeologist Dillwyn Llewellyn discovers an ancient trunk in a cave in Wales. Inside it are scrolls and journals, several describing the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79 A.D.
Soon after her discovery Dillwyn receives word her mother has had a stroke and she returns to Indian. After the funeral, Dillwyn begins to clear out the farmhouse at Soggy Bottom Farm, the home in which she grew up. In the false bottom of a trunk in the attic, she discovers a ruby pendant. As she holds it up to the light, she sees visions of an erupting volcano and hears a woman’s voice repeating the word “Vesuvius”.
Remembering reading about a ruby in the documents in the Welsh trunk, she decides to explore Mount Vesuvius.
But before she can do that, she receives news that INTERPOL has supposedly issued a Red Notice for her arrest and deportation to England for the theft of a precious artifact, of all things - the trunk!
Little does she know:
That the Interpol agent who is assigned to her is not from the Realm of Time
Or what adventures she is about to embark on –
Or the dangers she must face!
Who will she meet and from what other realm might they be?
What other discoveries will Dillwyn make?
To what countries must she go to find the answers?
Or will she find them?

A portrait of former Miss World, Lady Margarita is commissioned by her husband, Lord Charles Elliot in honor of her upcoming Birthday.
But, before the portrait is complete, Margarita is brutally murdered, and Police Commissioner Rivera has a clear-cut suspect – the artist of the portrait. Did she really do it?
The Commissioner soon discovers flaws in the evidence. He sets on a trail of clues leading through three countries to solve the case and find the true murderer.

Detective Marielena Cortez-Rivera, who is now a permanent member of the San Anton Police Department, becomes involved in trying to find the assailant. In her attempt to find the villain, fanning out into many parts of Spain, she discovers many interesting things about him and uses these facts to bring him to justice.


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