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Growing up in the Sudan
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With the Passion to tell a good story - in any medium
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I am a Storyteller, whether using a pen and paper, a paint brush or a camera, or any digital format.

Growing up in the South Sudan, Africa, my family had none of the modern means of entertainment such as television, radio or libraries. For evening entertainment my Father, E. Alan Webb made up stories about adventures based on his own experiences: traveling the savannah, hiking the jungle, fishing in the Nile River, interacting with the different tribes and animals he encountered, and which we all knew well. A rich tapestry of sight, sound – and odors.

Moving to Khartoum, Sudan, I was able to access the British Library, reading and rereading books such as Swiss Family Robinson, Treasure Island, and Robin Hood, and Enid Blyton’s children’s adventure series (similar to the Nancy Drew series). My favorite adult author is Lady Mary Stewart whose descriptive writing will transport you to the land of her stories.

In 1969 I married an airman who I met at Southern Illinois University. During the seven year we were married, he was stationed at five different bases in England, the US, and Viet Nam. While we were in England, I took advantage of the galleries, museums and libraries to study the masters, archeology, anthropology, biology, and history.

Settling in Sacramento, CA after my husband left, I continued my studies in Photography and Darkroom Techniques, Fashion Design & Construction, as well as Interior Design & Development. I was hired by Pacific Bell as a Manual Drafter, but after I was accredited in Civil Drafting, Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD), and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), I was awarded one of only four CAD drafting positions in the department.

Once my two children were happily married and ensconced in California, I returned to the Midwest where I discovered my heartfelt home. Here I returned to school as I continued to work in Civil Engineering Drafting, and received my Associate of Science in IT/Web Design.

Now that I am retired, I divide my time between Wildlife Photography, Digital Art and writing, as well as helping those who ask for help in any field with which I am proficient. Because I grew up in the Sudan, I speak and read both English and American (yes there is a difference!). While living in Africa, I also could speak French and Arabic, plus several Sudanese dialects. My parents were upper middleclass English with very good educations. My Father was an English and Bible Professor and my Mother, Phyllis (Hawkins) Webb was an accomplished poet and songwriter. They made sure we all spoke and wrote correct English grammar, but nonthing could help me learn to spell correctly, as I still get confused with the spelling in three different languages. I am very thankful for SpellCheck!

I take great pleasure in my painting and writing, trying my best to tell a good story whatever medium I am using. My writing involves historical adventure stories, but I also have experience creating and writing my own syllabi for my sewing classes, Standard Operating Procedures for small businesses and non-profit organizations, catalogs, newsletters and instructional and just-for-fun articles.

RUBY HEART: The Legend Begins was published in December 2017 and may be purchased on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles or, for a signed copy, from me, for the same price.

In the late winter of 2019 as I prepared the second book in the now series called “The Lost Legends of the Ruby Heart”, I decided to become my own publisher.
Lost Legends Publishing, llc was incorporated in April 2019 and the first book published, CATACYLSM - The Second Legend of the RUBY HEART came out in August 2019.
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